Monday, May 25, 2009

Logitech updates GamePanel software to v3.02.173

Logitech released an updated to the GamePanel software which M1730 owners use to power their built-in Gaming LCD. The update includes the following:

Included Dual Mode LCD Applets:
LCD Clock
LCD Countdown Timer
LCD Media Player
LCD Performance Monitor
LCD POP3 Monitor
LCD RSS Reader

LUA Scripting changes:
Scripting now works properly on the G13.
Added an additional LUA function; "SetMKeyState".
G-Key and M-key events can now distinguish between G-series keyboards and the G13.
The "OutputLCDMessage" function now correctly interprets the delay in seconds.

G-series Key Profiler Changes:
Added an additional function macro to assign G-keys to M1, M2 or M3.

SDK Changes:
Fixed critical section leak in the "CLCDConnection" class

SideShow Changes:
The G-series LCD (color and monochrome) is now supported as a Microsoft SideShow device on Windows Vista.
Support for Microsoft Sideshow has been re-enabled for 64-bit Windows Vista.

The volume display should now show on the LCD when changing volume.
Should work with the 3.1 patch of World of Warcraft.

New Features:
Introducing the LCD Applet Finder for easier applet navigation.

Software Version: 3.02.173
Post Date: 5/11/2009

Links have been updated on the Current Driver pages.