Sunday, March 08, 2009

Intel Turbo Memory and Vista 64

So I have a 1GB Turbo Memory module which came with my M1730. Even though many have slammed Intel's Turbo Memory technology, I never had any issues with Vista 32 and I did notice a slight speed up with boot time.

Last week I switched over to 64-bit Vista and experienced a couple of snags resulting in two failed attempts at install (no, I wasn't using a slip-streamed install disc). I was finally able to update to SP1 with no glitches and all drivers installed fine. I did however notice a very long delay with boot time and just lag in general.

After a couple of days of trouble shooting I was able to narrow it down and I came to the conclusion that Intel Turbo Memory just does not play nice with Vista 64. After uninstalling and then installing just Intel Matrix Storage Manager the lag was gone and boot time was acceptable.

I'm hesitant to reinstall the chip (yes, I physically removed it from the system). I might consider it when Intel updates the Turbo Memory installer again. We shall see...